About Me

My name is Michele and I am addict.

Luckily my addiction is not life threatening or dangerous to my health.  I readily admit to being addicted to buying pretty and decorative things and can’t stop myself even though I have tried.  This habit started many years ago (far too many to admit to) and monogram napkins and sheets abounded in my cupboards.  Even though I had given everyone I know gifts of cushions and lampshades made from antique French linens and Toiles, every time something new was bought, my husband was heard to exclaim “Where are we going to put that?”  It got to the stage that he genuinely had a point and I had run out of space, so selling seemed the sensible suggestion.

So, many fairs and events later, I am still addicted but now buy so others can appreciate the beautiful textiles and furniture, and I just occasionally keep something which obviously has to be secretly placed before my husband notices.

We recently moved to France to live and unfortunately it has made my addiction so much worse.  Now every trip out, even mundane tasks to visit the bank or supermarket, somehow seem to end up with my nosing around brocante shops and street markets.   We are renovating an old farmhouse and barns and although the worst of the building work is over, the best bit is just starting: the decorating.   I am up to my ears in paint charts and mood boards and absolutely loving it.  Also, all those extra pieces I’ve been hiding for the last 20 years (I’ve given the secret away now) have to be placed and new items bought.

It is my dearest wish that my addiction doesn’t end, and that many hours can be spent hunting out the wonderful things that can be found here in France.

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