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Everything Pink

2015-02-20 11.55.37

My youngest girl will not mind me saying that she was a tomboy as a child, often found up trees and usually muddy with scraped knees.  She had a tendency to fall into lakes, rivers and even large puddles, and was always upbeat about any mischief she got herself into.  Throughout all that she loved pink:  pink dresses, dungarees and assorted other flimsy items that never lasted long due to tomboy activities.  She also had a lot of pink dressed barbies and a pink bedroom together with flouncy everything.  Luckily, she outgrew the pink phase although the tomboy mischief remains.  Pink was not a colour I loved at all.




Now it is a colour I adore.  Not the bright fuchsia pink, but the delicate pink of roses, peonies and other flowers that I persuade my other half into buying.  Sometimes a small morceau of fabric with blues and greys will have a tiny hint of pink, and it seems to bring the whole piece alive.  My collection of quilts also has some pink ones, with roses being a favourite.


My other half knows me so well and for big occasions, and small ones too or just occasionally just because he knows I will love them, pink flowers, especially roses, hit the spot.  He says matrimonial harmony is easy when pink roses are available.  I’m not so sure that I like him thinking he can buy me flowers and all problems will be fixed, but I do love receiving them.