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2016 – Future Plans



Life here has been hectic for the past few months and time just seems to have flown by.  It was lovely to spend time with family and friends over the holidays but the new year always brings out the planner in me.  I am a prolific list writer, which seriously annoys my other half, especially when the latest is pinned up for him to ‘tick’ off anything that he has completed.  Yes, there is my problem.  I write lists not just for myself but also for him, and when my 2 girls were living with us, also for them.  I like to see clear, numbered instructions, highlighted if necessary, and crossed out when completed, as it motivates me.  Unfortunately it just annoys hubby, who ignores my lists and never completes tasks in my organised regime.


So, I was appalled to read an article that says you should never have more than 5 items on your ‘to do’ list as it can make one procrastinate and delay.  It seems that after 2 items are finished and crossed off, another 2 can be added with the total never exceeding the 5.


For the next few months I have promised faithfully that any list will only have the requisite number of 5 tasks on it and he has promised to complete them in the order in which they are written.  I am now looking for a secret hiding place for the list I’ve just compiled which so far is up to 37!


Hope your 2016 has got off to a spectacularly good start, and all lists are completed efficiently and in the correct order.

Michele x