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Family Time – Belle Brocantes


I have 2 lovely girls who seem to spend their lives making ours difficult.  When we moved out to France permanently, one had just started a post-grad course and the other had done a year at university.  Since then, we’ve had to move them around like pieces on a chessboard as they’ve done different courses and new jobs.  Which is all well and good if they hadn’t chosen to live and study and work in various parts of the UK.  At one point, with us in France and with one in England and one in Wales, we felt we spent more time on the autoroutes and motorways than we did anything else.


So, a week spent touring cities for the ‘right’ course and decisions made, and yet another move to somewhere further north than we had expected.  Finally, a few weeks of calm and time for us to spend some time together.  It has been an opportunity for me to just be ‘Mum’, which I miss horribly now they are both grown and moved away.  A little baking, meals taken together, and shopping excursions are much appreciated.  Lots of visits to chateaux and although it was stipulated ‘no brocantes’, pastries offered as bribes seemed to work a treat.   After all, they say daughters always take after their mothers, and I do love pastries!