Michele Antiques

Brocante Markets – Treasures to be found

As the weather here in France has started to really warm up, the street markets become a regular feature.  Each weekend and bank holidays these events pop up around the country, sometimes in a village, occasionally at a chateau, and quite often in fields.  What I love is the unexpectedness of what can be found, from quite good antiques to more rustique treasures.  Amidst the household stuff and children’s toys, there can be magical finds.


Not always of course.  Some events are empty of anything that I really fancy, but then you can always get a cafe, a croissant, and a peek at the villagers as they enjoy the day.  Often the local Maire will be behind the bar serving cafe and vin, and of course there are the stallholders who are just there to sell a little of the surplus from their gardens and potagers.  This morning, at a brocante to celebrate Ascension Day,  I bought some flowers from an elderly lady wearing a lovely floral pinny.  The bunch has a single Iris, some lupins, sweet Williams and a few other varieties I’m not so sure of but the smell of the whole bunch is heavenly.


So besides a few other treasures, flowers to take home to make me smile.  A perfect day in other words.