Michele Antiques

Mirrored Frames – Pretty Brocante pieces

As I wandered down the lanes in a local brocante market, I spied a flash in the sunlight and pounced.  Two of these wonderful mirrored frames were leaning against the vendor’s table, grubby and dusty, but in lovely condition for their age.  After a quick negotiation and some paper, they were purchased and lovingly carried back to the car.


Over the years I have bought 100s of these frames, and even have a small collection myself.  They go with the mercury glass candlesticks and mirrored trays that are dotted around my home, but all go so well with the pale painted furniture that the French love, and me also.


The vintage frames have thick glass, unlike the more modern ones, and I especially love the etched or cut ones which reflect the light beautifully.  Although I have an arrangement with my husband of ‘one thing in, one thing out’  I think I could probably smuggle another one in, and him not notice.


Unfortunately this doesn’t work for the pair of swan planters I bought, and then had to bribe him to carry back to the car for me.  Weight, price, where to put them, where to sell them, none of that went through my mind as it was one of those ‘Got to have them’ moments.  Where to put them has still not been resolved, but the cafe and 2 pastries helped with the bribery.