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Easter in France

Here in France the Easter  holidays are celebrated with lots of chocolate.  The traditional Catholic belief was that all the church bells flew to Rome on Good Friday, carrying the grief of the people who mourned the passing of Christ.  They would return on Easter Sunday morning full of chocolate and eggs.  To keep with this tradition, church bells stay silent from the Friday through until Sunday morning.

Families hide chocolate eggs for children to find, and there are even huge organised egg hunts for both children and families.


The local chocolatiers have amazing window displays and I spend each holiday drooling over their wonderful concoctions.  I am trying to be well behaved this year, but no doubt will be tempted into buying something yummy.


When my own children were younger we celebrated in the same way, although the chocolate eggs were delivered by the Easter bunny.  At a fair recently, I had to have this lovely vintage metal topiary frame, in the shape of a rabbit.  This year it will be in the centre of the table, wearing a jaunty ribbon, surrounded by chocolate eggs.  Joyeues Paques to everyone.