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French Life – Perfect Pink Roses


I always have lots of plans for things to do, but running a business can be very time consuming and so often plans are not carried through.   However, this year I am going to get on and sort out our garden.


We have a large garden here, just short of an acre, and I have lots of ideas.  Too many ideas really and most of them not that practical, or long lasting as I can come up with a new idea on a daily basis.   For starters I am planning a large vegetable plot and some flower beds.  Driving around we notice the most amazing veggie plots, well cared for and usually brimming with healthy looking fruits and legumes.  So deciding this was where to start, my other half ordered a digger to be delivered.  He spent a happy day clearing paths, digging channels and moving earth and thoroughly enjoyed himself.  However, he had managed to churn up the only decent patch of lawn.  By way of penance he took me to the garden centre and bought me a really beautiful bunch of pink roses, my favourites, together with some vegetable seeds.


As more building supplies were needed, we called at a DIY shop on the way home.  At the desk when paying, I was taken aback to be asked if I wanted a goldfish.  The shop had lots of fish, each in a plastic bag with water, just like the ones that could be won at a fairground when I was a child.  No one else seemed surprised to be offered a fish, but when I looked at hubby with a ‘can I have one’ look, his reply was definitely Non!