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A Big Chopper – How dangerous can it be?


We decided, after many years standing in cold fields, that this year we were going to have a break and not stand in January.  So, when we went to Newark last week, we were excited at having had a 2 month gap and assumed the weather would have warmed up. How wrong we were.  Both Newark and Kempton, although busy, were freezing and even with layers and thermals, it was very hard work.


So upon arriving home to find it was still cold, and checking our wood stores, we decided something had to be done.  We have been using the smaller chunks which fit into our wood burner, and putting the larger logs on one side.  So, hubby went and bought himself a massive axe and planned to chop up the logs that are too big to fit.  He asked for help, so having looked up the number for the French ambulance service, and memorised “My husband has an axe stuck in his leg” ready for the doctors, I went to assist.  It looks incredibly easy, but all my attempts at hitting the logs just sent them flying around dangerously, so the axe was taken away and I resumed stacking duties.


The French seem to hibernate in winter with few street markets and fairs but I did get a message that there were some linens available if I was interested.  We hot footed it to see what was on offer, and managed to buy just short of 100 sheets, plus napkins and other bits.  As the French sunshine has yet to make an appearance this year, I am left wondering how long I will have to wait for any good weather so I can launder it all.  The hyacinths were some I planted in the autumn which have perfumed the house and been a lovely reminder that spring isn’t too far away.  The axe, you will be pleased to hear, did not do any serious damage and hubby still has both legs.