Michele Antiques

Enamelware – Brocante beauties


I love vintage enamel ware, which is also called graniteware, as it is practical and fairly indestructible.  You can get lots of household useful items such as pots and pans, but I prefer jugs and bowls and smaller pieces.  Sets of canisters are always popular, especially with the names of ingredients on them such as Farine (flour), Sucre (sugar) and of course Cafe.


I have a small collection myself, but have been known to swop new pieces with my own so it keeps everything looking fresh and new.  I recently bought quite a few enamelled candlesticks in pretty colours, and a really lovely shaped jug and bowl set which may stay with me a little while before being passed on.


I even like the enamelware a little damaged with ‘dings’ where the under metal shows through, as it shows that someone loved it enough to keep it, or maybe in more economically unsure times, it was a case of making do.  Jugs that cannot hold water are still used as flower vases with the addition of a plain glass insert.  Pretty in many colours, even the plainer white, I love them dotted around the house being useful if possible, just beautiful if not.