Mistletoe – Winter & Hibernating


Over the summer months, here in France, all our lovely neighbours have been outside, living their lives with the added ‘room’ of a garden.  Eating, drinks and parties, games and meetings, as well as all the gardening that gets done.  Some of our neighbours’ vegetable plots are fantastic and have definitely inspired me and I have many plans for next year.  However, now the winter has well and truly set in, everyone seems to hibernating.  I don’t mean in the dormouse sort of way, but that we only get to see people out going shopping, or on their way to work and our little hamlet seems very quiet.


Although the autumn and winter seem very mild so far, with leaves still on trees, some have become  bare and so can be seen the many balls of mistletoe that seem to grow here in the wild.  I have spent years ordering my other half to shimmy up trees to cut down these fabulous berried rounds, with him usually cursing under his breath.  So, with our last trip to the UK imminent, off I sent him with saw and ladders to find some nice mistletoe.  As can be seen from the photos, he outdid himself.



It seems one of our local farmers had cut down some trees and after getting permission, my husband went and collected serious amounts of mistletoe, all covered in berries and ready to be kissed under.  Unfortunately, with our van full to bursting with stock, my suggestion as to where we might put it all was met with a stony stare and a huff – is it not legal to strap large bundles of mistletoe to the van roof?