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Newark and the Autumn

Newark in October can obviously be varied weather wise, but last week we had just about a little of everything – rain, sun, and lots of wind.  On more than one occasion I thought our Marquee would take off as it rattled and pulled on it’s moorings.  So, a big thanks to everyone that came and braved the weather


On arriving back home to France, it had obviously been raining here as some of my last flowers are looking a little down and dejected.  I am still impressed with my pelargoniums as they are still flowering and have given a fabulous display all summer – they look so perky with their pink flowers tumbling over the windowsills and hopefully we will get another few weeks before the weather completely turns here, and they will turn brown and die with the cold.


Our local farmer has been hard at work for months with the wheat and corn, and he has just finished harvesting the last of the sunflowers.  There is a definite nip to the air first thing in the morning, and we have had another delivery of wood ready for when the weather really gets cold.


Out and about this weekend hunting for brocante, we came across a fabulous market stall which had the most amazing assortment of squashes and pumpkins.  Some of the varieties I have never seen before and the size of the pumpkins on display were enormous.  We bought a small selection including some butternut squashes, which I love, and which will find themselves in soups and stews.  On the way home, with treasure in the car, and whilst we were enjoying the last of the summer sun, we came around a corner to find a field full of camels.  They obviously belonged to the nearby circus which travels around France and pitches their tents for a week or so, until it moves onto the next town. I don’t really like the thought of animals being used in these circumstances, but the camels were divine and gave us such a laugh as they ambled around in the field next to the supermarche.  After all, what else would you expect to find but a herd of camels eating lunch!