Michele Antiques

Fabric Boxes and Tureens – Obsessions

As I think I might have mentioned before, I love going out hunting for treasures and although I never have a set idea of what I want to find, there’s always something that catches my eye. Although I collect and sell a range of items, I do find myself behaving with an obsession over some items.


I obsessively buy white ironstone tureens, often without lids, and am still coming up with ways of using them, other than the obvious of vegetables and soup. So flowers, candles, bulbs, glass baubles etc, all sit in these simple but elegant pieces. I do have rather a lot and my other half has started to walk away when I find another one, but I keep buying them




I love textiles and linens and will buy practically anything related, and so I obviously love fabric covered boxes and over the last few weeks have bought over 10 – all delicious with different fabrics, but even my other half had his eyebrows raised when I wandered off and came back with another few tucked under my arms. I can spot textiles at 100 feet and sometimes just plough my way through throngs of people to get to them, before anyone else spots them. I recently bought a whole batch of antique Toile de Jouy bed canopies and pieces, and after paying, bundled them into sacks and quickly pushed them into husband’s arms to take back to the car. I have seen grown, sensible women fight over fabrics, one at each end and the one who tugged the hardest won – alright one of the women was me but it was a lovely long length of faded floral fabric and it was the right price, so wouldn’t you have pulled?