Michele Antiques

Kempton and Newark – Glad to be home

We stood at Kempton and Newark last week, both great fairs, but it was a hectic week.  I love meeting people at events, all the catching up and selling, but I do love to go home.  When we arrived home, a quick check in our cupboards confirmed that a visit to the supermarche was in order.  Although it still feels like summer here, the fruit and vegetables being offered for sale are slowly changing and you definitely feel the different seasons.  Whilst unpacking our shop, one of our neighbours dropped in to invite us for drinks – no question that we would go as the whole ‘village’ is going to be there.  So with much trepidation we went, with me issuing last instructions on the walk over, such as ‘don’t let me drink too much wine’ etc.  Our French, although improved, has still not reached the fluency stage, and our neighbours definitely do not speak English.  I really shouldn’t have worried though, as the evening went really well, and any translation mishaps handled without anybody falling off a chair with laughter!!

Out hunting for treasures on Sunday morning I bought 2 lovely white squashes.  Not sure what they are called, but I just couldn’t resist.  I thought they’d make a great centrepiece on our table, and may just carry them around with me for extra ‘frenchness’ when doing events.


As there were lots of produce for sale amidst the treasures, I have decided to do my own thing.  We recently discovered a bush in our garden laden with small purple/blue berries which in a fit of daring we both tried – my other half refused to eat one without me also trying one as he accused me of trying to poison him.  So with us both awake the next morning, I decided to investigate further and after much checking, have discovered that the tree is a blackthorn tree, and the berries are sloes.  So after googling recipes, I have now made my very own Sloe Gin, ready to be consumed at Christmas, if it lasts that long.   And yes, I know getting your husband to test berries is probably unethical, but how else does one find out!!!