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Neighbours – Home and Events

We live in a small hamlet of just 6 houses and the neighbours have been friendly and welcoming, even before we moved out here permanently, and when we had builders around for 4 months.  Last summer we were given serious amounts of courgettes and green beans and although the beans are always welcome, there are only so many ways of preparing courgettes and I think I did them all.


Last week I found a chicken outside our door on the lane.  As far as we knew no-one had chickens so it raised many questions – how did it cross the road? Who was it looking for?  How is it going to get home?  After enquiries, we’ve found our furthest neighbour has chickens hidden at the edge of their land, in a long run and we have been supplied with a douzaine oeufs.  So, we now know where the chicken came from and realise it was just on a day jaunt.  So in this instance the chicken came before the egg (sorry) but it has confirmed how lovely our neighbours are here.


Which has got me thinking about our neighbours at the antique and vintage fairs we attend.    At Newark I share a large Marquee with 3 lovely dealers, Liz and Jack van Hasselt (thewasherwoman.blogspot.com), Maud Lomberg (Beyond France) and Alan Bradbury,  and our tent is now known as the Textile Tent.  Myself, Liz and Alan have done the same at Shepton Mallet,  and Liz and Maud stand together at Ardingly.  I also have lovely, friendly people around me in the shopping arcades.  So whilst it is wonderful to have local neighbours who are kind and generous, it’s also helpful to share all the woes and triumphs in a work space and have great neighbours there too.