Michele Antiques

Favourite Finds – One in, One out

Out brocanting yesterday morning in a lull between rainstorms, my glance fell on a stool stood on the top of a car roof.  It had a pale paint finish, all distressed and chippy, just how I love it.  I asked for it to be brought down and then nearly swooned as I saw that it had an original piece of 18th century Toile de Nantes on the seat.  Not only a beautiful piece in superb condition, but depicting Neptune which is not a pattern I’ve seen often.   Needless to say I just asked the price and paid up, no bartering or haggling as I didn’t want the dealer changing her mind and keeping it!!


So, for a while I will keep the stool, not to use or heaven forbid sit on, but to stare at, and occasionally run my hand over the Toile with awe.  My other half is not so impressed as he argues I will now have to give something up.  You see, we have a pact about keeping items, and that is: One in, One out.  This was negotiated many years ago and so far has worked well for me as well as him.  Since us moving out to France means we have technically downsized, I have sold quite a lot of my own things and so I am heavily in the ‘credit’ section of keeping items.  He also made a mistake during said negotiations, that size and price wasn’t stipulated, so over the years I have managed to successfully argue that selling a candlestick and bringing in a chest of drawers was within the regulations.  So for now, the stool will go in my chambre and I will stand my ground and not give anything up.  We’ll see how that works until the day he either kicks it in the night, or falls over it.