Michele Antiques

Ardingly Antiques Fair: Sunny Weather

At Ardingly last week I was amazed to find the weather reporters to be correct and the sun shone for both days – quite a novelty for Ardingly which we seem to do in quite a bit of rainfall.   Due to the lovely bright weather we had lots of visitors and everyone seemed to be in a happy mood, after the long, miserable wet winter.


I was very optimistic and took lots of garden items, including a few benches which I was glad went to new homes.  I do try and enjoy some items a little, before taking them to a fair to offer them for sale and both benches had been in our garden for a short while.



Whilst out wandering around the site, I returned back to find out that the singer Will Young had been and I had missed him.  I dutifully stayed around desperately waiting to meet him as he was returning for something from one of our neighbours, but I had to pop out. and of course, missed him again.  I do see famous people at fairs, but quite often have to have them pointed out to me as they are usually unrecognisable in a different setting.  I was told that Mr Young was a complete gentleman and I am really sorry not to have seen him, although I would probably have been quite tongue-tied around him.    Maybe Mr Clooney or Mr Brosnan will attend the next Ardingly and I can swoon some more.