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Spring time and Heroes

When it comes to the division of household and work labour, my other half and myself tend to fall into equal shares with both of us doing what is needed, or what we are good at.  However, when it comes to anything wildlife, my hubby is on his own.   Since we moved to France I have come across an assortment of wild things that scare me half to death.  Now I know that they aren’t life threatening, but I still run a mile when I come across a mouse, or anything that scuttles away.  So, creepy crawlies, fuzzy bugs, flying or hopping insects, all have to be caught or in the worst case, squashed, when they invade my kitchen and bedroom.


However, since the builders have now completed their works and the house has been reclaimed for human use, we are finding less that dares to cross our threshold.  Last night my loud screams startled my hubby to rush in to find a small gecko in our sitting room.  It wasn’t doing any harm, and was playing dead probably due to the shock of hearing me scream.  When instructed to catch it quickly, my brave brave husband disappeared into the kitchen and returned wearing one oven glove and a thickly padded garden glove, and delicately scooped up this tiny monster and gently placed him in the barn wall, away in the garden.  My Hero, just!gardencart

Our very large garden here is basically just a field at the moment.  I have lots of plans which entail lots of work, so as spring appears, little changes are beginning to take place.  One of the dreams I’ve had for a while is for an old cart.  I occasionally come across them at fairs and brocantes, and they are a regular site at the entrances to villages and on roundabouts here.  So, whenever I see one I have to imagine how it will look in our garden, and then try and envisage how I’m supposed to get it back.  We went to a professional only event and this one caught my eye.


However, whilst our brocanting yesterday, I came across this small treasure and couldn’t wait to bring it home.   Although too small for our space, it’s perfect with it’s original paint finish and hopefully somebody else will love it as it is going to Shepton Mallet next weekend.  Bonne weekend – M x