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Indigo sheets and fosse septiques

When we bought our house 9 years ago, we were told it had a fosse septique (septic tank) and other than a few problems over the years, nothing happened to convince us otherwise.  Since moving into our home full time, of course, there have been weekly problems, which culminated in 2 lovely men with a large tanker hosing out our pipes.  It became apparent that we didn’t have a fosse, and had been happily discharging into next door’s garden.  So, after much discussion with our local Mairie and planners, a new micro-fosse has been fitted which certainly takes away the worry about future problems.  This new kind of system is different from the old ones, as it is a smaller tank and works with an electric pump.  During each stage of it being fitted, different men kept coming and peering down the pipework, before finally expressing a job well done.  The man who sorted out the electric pump merrily waved goodbye with the promise that he would return in a month or so.

Meanwhile, I recently bought a large batch of linen sheets, torchons and chemises  from one of my favourite dealers, who saves all the linens he finds for me.  This means I get mixed batches, some fantastic, some good and a few with areas of thinning or patches.   I measure every one as it comes in from hanging out in the sunshine and mark labels with any damage.  About half a dozen sheets of this batch were an odd shade of pale grey/pink and no matter how much I laundered them, the colour didn’t change.  So in a fit of creativeness I decided to indigo dye them.  Which has gone really well and I am happy with the results, even making a few cushions.  However, yesterday the fosse septique man arrived to inspect the pump and to make sure the whole system was working.  Imagine his face as he lifted the lid to find dark blue foam swirling around and his laughter as I tried to explain why!!!




Bonne weekend x