Newark and Ardingly

Another 2 events under my belt.  February was always going to be busy, first with Newark and then Ardingly, but I hadn’t counted on the wet British weather.  Newark was windy but it didn’t deter lots of lovely customers and although I didn’t get out and about very much, there were plenty of callers to our Marquee.  I sold a lovely antique French quilt to a lady from the RSC which is to be used in a production of Henry IV.

Antique French Quilt

Ardingly was a bit of a damp ordeal as we weren’t in our usual place due to the ground being heavily water logged.  Stilll, a big thank you to all those who came and found us and put up with the truly terrible rain and mud.  I know you can pay vast sums of money to have it slathered over your body and face to ‘improve it’ but splattered from the front wheels of the van as it is towed off the wet ground by a large tractor is not ideal.

Childrens Shoes

I am rethinking all the events I do, especially the ones in the winter months.  I am considering going to Shepton Mallet in March, but am keeping an eye on the weather forecasts before booking anything, so please check again for details nearer the time.

When we moved permanently to France last summer, I thought the winters here would be cold and crisp and so we had a lovely wood burner installed.  Phillipe, a local farmer, was asked to deliver 4 steres (cubic metres) of wood which he duly did on the back of a flatbed truck.  Unfortunately he tipped the whole amount at the top of our garden, in front of the car, which meant we had to move all the wood before we could get out.  Yes, that’s approximately 4 tonnes of wood, all cut into pieces to fit into our burner.   It took us hours and hours and eventually I had to stop as I couldn’t straighten properly.  After a restorative glass of whiskey, and a lot of swearing, the rest of it was stored into one of our barns.  We are steadily going down this massive pile of logs, but it’s not been that cold and snowy, just wet and windy.  Still, the odd sunny day reminds me that spring is just around the corner and that I really must think about planting our garden.  I am really just a city girl feeling out of her depth in the countryside here, but hopefully I will get some help from a friendly local.  That is, once the rain has stopped.

French wall lights