Michele Antiques

Happy 2014!

Well, another year ended with many of my plans not yet started.  I know this is probably the same for lots of people, but occasionally I meet people who are very dedicated and seem to accomplish so many different things.  So 2014 is going to be my year.  I will be letting you know about fairs I am attending, regular updates on our lives here in France, and generally just trying to start and maybe finish a few of my plans.

We moved permanently out to France last summer and after many months of building work, I am now ready to decorate.  Yes, paint charts abound here, both UK companies and French ones, and the choice is enormous so of course I am dithering.  Who knew there were so many hints of grey?

Tess in snow

Tess in the heavy snow a few years ago
Tess hiding in the van cab

My next fair is Newark the 6/7 February and we will be in our usual spot in Marquee 9a with Liz, Maud and Alan.  I love doing the fairs and meeting everyone, and for the last few years we have been bringing our dog, Tess, to all the events.  Tess is a heinz 57 variety, a rescue dog who obviously has quite a bit of collie sheepdog in her, as she is predominantly black with white tummy.  She is the most neurotic dog I’ve ever met, and we believe she considers herself human not canine.  Since she has been coming to the fairs with us,  I have had to replace her water bowl many times.  I have dropped pot ones, and the plastic variety just seem to disappear.  We do recall leaving a few under the van which we’ve driven over (how much we laughed at the first, but not at the fifth) as we left, and we assume the others have all been left on our pitch when we’ve gone home.  So, Tess starts the year with 2 new shiny bowls, hopefully non-breakable plastic, and which we’ve promised ourselves will be collected and not abandoned.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Michele x