Rain, rain, go away – Welcome Printemps


In our part of France winters can be lovely, crisp and cold with sunny days.  Not so this winter, which has been wet wet wet.   All our local waterways are swollen and at the bottom of a neighbour’s garden, a small trickle has become a stream that rushes through into 2 large lakes which seem very full.  The miserable rainy days are hard for me to get through, as I long to be outside in the garden, or out brocanting.  We went to a local event, much loved and always well attended, but instead of 100 dealers there were only 4 and 2 of them didn’t want to stall out due to the adverse weather conditions.


I am waiting for spring with eagerness and already can see the first signs.  There is blossom on some of the trees and the magnolias are starting to bloom.  Our garden is a little waterlogged but starting to show signs of growth.



Nantes toile 02

So after a soggy start to the year, last week we attended a big event with big hopes.   The sun was out, it was crisp and cold, and I bought some lovely things, not least a fabulous mannequin with a tiny waist, and some lovely antique pieces of Toile in a pretty pale lavender colour and in very good condition.    Spring has sprung, thank goodness.



























Garden Urns – Lift before buying

I adore old urns and will take them any way they come, marble, metal or stone. I have some 19th century marble ones that I bought many years ago which are in fabulous condition and they have lived with us in different rooms.  I recently bought a small pair of enamelled metal ones which were supposed to be for stock, but which now live with me as I can’t bear to part with them, yet.



Whilst out brocanting yesterday at a large street fair, my first purchase was a lovely urn with roses along each side. It was being used as a weight to tie down the seller’s tent and as we hauled it away, he was desperately searching for something to replace it. May 1 is a national holiday here, labour day, celebrated with small sprigs of Lily of the Valley to be given to women of the house. I understand it is a tradition, started by the labour and union movement, that private sellers could sell muguet (lily of the valley) with no sales tax. So, together with the urn, I got a small bundle of flowers.



My other half has started to complain about me buying heavy furniture, and as he takes the strain when carrying, I do sympathise. However, a few weeks ago I came across a very large pair of antique urns that I just couldn’t say no to, and so I bought them. It’s when we went back to collect them and they each had to be carried by 2 chaps that I realised how very heavy they are. So plans to take them to a fair have been shelved for a while to give me time to work out how we would do it. Or, they could just stay with me as I think they could be left outside without too many worries due to their extreme weight. I think they would look superb filled with flowers but next time, before buying, I will be lifting before parting with my money.